No nonsense. Just a really good handyman.







Randy will fix it. Nail it. Weld it. Solve it. Glue it. Beautify it. Change it. Install it. Wire it. Pipe it. Fasten it. Create it. Set it.  

Meet the RandyMan team. All working for YOU!

Founder & CEO

Randy Navarro

In 2019, Randy had a vision to reform housing in Puget Sound, one fix at a time.  He started The RandyMan LLC after seeing so many poorly executed DIY and Flip projects in his 20+ years as a full time home inspector. He also does drywall repairs. 

CFO & Senior VP of Sales

Randy Navarro

Starting small but with big ambitions, Randy couldn’t source the funding to grow the handyman company he envisioned. So he took the bull by the horns–“If I want it done right, I gotta do it myself!” 

Director of Operations

Randy Navarro

Randy is responsible for end-to-end management  of the company supply chain, sales activities and service and support in all markets and countries.  He also sets toilets.  

Chief Technology Officer

Randy Navarro

In 2020, Randy knew the World Wide Web wasn’t just a trend anymore. He had to engage. After several YouTube videos on “How to build a website”, you’re looking at the result of Randy’s commitment and dedication. Randy also replaces p-traps.

Lead Carpenter-Site Foreman

Randy Navarro

Randy’s unique background working in multiple diverse environments means he’s a perfect fit for wrangling on-site issues, troubleshooting, and communicating with our clients.   

Receptionist and Office Manager

Randy Navarro

Randy’s clerical skills and engaging personality over the phone have made him one of the most valuable assets to the team.  He also is our primary putty putter-on’r.

Intern (Unpaid)

Randy Navarro

Randy came to us with a burning desire to learn a new craft.  Covid 19 and Jay Inslee had wiped out his retirement plans and his kids hadn’t come out of their rooms for months on end because the schools were closed. Randy needed a new beginning. Welcome aboard, Randy!  

Someone who works with their hands is a laborer.

Someone who works with their hands and their brain is a craftsman.

Someone who works with their hands, their brain, and their heart is an artist. 

–Lous Nizer

Who's Randy anyway....?
A brief bio of the craftsman.

At 14, Randy thought theater was groovy, so he started to help build sets for local theater. At 16, he designed his first set from scratch and made it happen! Then moved on to UC Riverside and got a real paying job in the theater department building bigger sets.

Through his early twenties, Randy made a decent living building movie and television sets in Los Angeles. He built real houses, fake houses, and made things blow up and fall apart. He welded, sculpted and painted. He built things that no one had ever built before or will probably ever build again. He also built floats for the world famous New Year’s Day Rose Parade.

During these years, Randy ventured in to the “real” world of construction taking on jobs helping friends with their remodeling work, installing kitchens, building decks, and other things.

He moved to Seattle in 1993 and was married to Meg in 1994. Randy continued working his trade building stuff wherever and whatever would pay the bills. He settled for a few years at a great company called DillonWorks! There he managed the construction and production of all kinds of weird and whacky things for build-outs in malls, casinos, tradeshows, theme parks and the like. Check out some of their cool stuff HERE.

Randy started inspecting homes in 1998 and opened The Complete Inspection Company

At the same time Randy opened the business, he and Meg bought a small ramshackle cottage that was built in 1942. Subsequently, they tore down the entire structure, including the concrete foundation, and built a new cottage–a bit larger and with more modern conveniences like working plumbing and heat.

In 2006, their lives were enriched when they adopted 4 children—all at once. Victor and Victoria, the twins, are now 20 years old.  Desiree is 19 and Anthony is 16. Things have changed! If you want to learn more about how to adopt children for little to no cost here in Washington State, go HERE.

Nowadays, one of Randy’s favorite hobbies is umpiring fastpitch softball and Little League baseball and softball.  

How much will it cost....?

You can hire Randy by the hour. If the job is less than 4 hours, he charges $175 for the first hour of work, and $105 each hour after that. If it’s more than 4 hours, he just charges $105 per hour. Time for shopping materials, sketching, and planning is tracked and charged at the same hourly rate.